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Secure Invisible Printing Technology — SIP™ by V.L. Engineering, Inc.

SIP™ technology developed at V.L. Engineering, Inc., cross-links advances in disciplines such as photochemistry, optics, portable systems based on the embedded DSP, image sensing, image processing, data encryption, instrumentation, information technology, which includes communications and error correction algorithms.

As a result, our customers now have means to mark their products and packaging with invisible markings that can carry substantial amount of information when needed. Their Wizard-CT8™ readers can effortlessly display real time video images of the hidden enigmatic insignia, and can scan and decode content of the covert messages. Yet, thanks to the proprietary algorithms implemented in the Papyrus™ barcode generating software, the information encoded in the invisible messages remains out of bound for the unauthorized equipment and people.

Many applications can benefit from the SIP™ technology. Engineers designing industrial process control systems appreciate the invisibility aspect of the marks, so the components of complex products can be identified prior to assembly and there is no concern for the marks ruining appearance of their product. Managers warring about counterfeit and diverted shipments now can be assured of invisible insignia with strong authenticity that is based on virtually unbreakable encryption method incorporated in to the Armorcode™ barcode symbology. CFOs, concerned about the high cost of the RFID tags, cheer up when they learn the per item price of the invisible secure marks. The invisible marks can be printed with conventional printing methods, yet providing even stronger protection of their company brand names and bottom lines.

V.L. Engineering, Inc. is proud of the successful results of the Research and Development efforts, which began in 1990 and continue to present days.

Note: SIP™, Wizard-CT8™, Armorcode™, Papyrus™ are trademarks of V.L. Engineering, Inc.

Vadim Laser, Ph.D., President of V.L. Engineering, Inc.

Date: February 6, 2007