Product Design Services

Product Design Services, including new designs and improvement of the existing products.
Disciplines and Technologies involved:
  1. Image acquisition and processing, Photonics, Optics, Microcomputer based solutions, Software, Wireless communications, Ultrasonic and other sensors, Industrial Design and Packaging
  2. Type of products: Toys, Instruments, Medical devices, Consumer products

V.L. Engineering, Inc., provides Product Design and Product Development services:

  • Design of products that benefit from expertise in application of electronics, microprocessors, imaging sensors, various optical components, sensors, and novel concepts.
  • Performance improvement of clients’ existing and planned products.
  • Developing new technologies and concepts in the fields of image processing, barcoding, security, authentication, etc.
  • Finding new solutions to industrial problems, based on application of imaging (in the visible, IR, and UV spectrums), photonics, and RF.
  • Developing equipment and systems for various tasks of production automation, quality control, and inspection.

We are happy to help with problems that other design companies find too difficult. Please contact us.