Authentication Systems

V.L. Engineering, Inc., designs custom systems for Authentication and Identification of documents, packages, and products such as:
Technologies involved:
  1. Inorganic taggants with unique photonic signatures
  2. Authentication equipment recognizing the taggants’ photonic signatures
  3. Invisible inks operating in the UV and IR spectrums
  4. Unique thermal transfer ribbons for printing invisible barcodes and messages
  5. Proprietary barcodes utilizing secure encryption of data
  6. Software based systems (electronic pedigree) for tracking of shipped products and providing associated data

The taggants are valuable only as far as the detecting and authenticating devices are available, which recognize the photonic signature of the associated taggants. For this reason, we have developed a product line of detectors, viewers, and barcode readers that work with our invisible inks and taggants. Best choice of taggant, ink, and the equipment for any particular application depends on many factors. Our specialists will be glad to assist you. Please contact us.

Many anti-counterfeiting, brand protecting, and product security and document security applications benefit from using a high security barcoding of data. V.L. Engineering, Inc., has developed secure barcode symbologies that provide additional level of protection. Our Armorcode™ 2-D barcode changes its appearance every time a new symbol is generated for printing, even when the data remains unchanged. The Lercode™ provides unprecedented level of error correction and is suitable for super fast printing of variable codes. The Marka™ code allows to barcode individual postal stamps right on the printing press.


As part of system development, V.L. Engineering, Inc., provides demonstrations of existing solutions to our prospective customers. When you visit V.L. Engineering, Inc., we will show many of our exemplary products that may be part of your custom-designed system.

We understand that you may be unable to visit us for just a demonstration, so we have put together a couple of short downloadable demonstrations.