V.L. Engineering, Inc., offers the following product categories:
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Consumer goods
  • Value documents
  • Security related documents
Technologies involved:
  • Inorganic taggants with unique photonic signatures
  • Authentication equipment recognizing the taggants’ photonic signatures
  • Invisible inks operating in the UV and IR spectrums
  • Unique thermal transfer ribbons for printing invisible barcodes and messages
  • Proprietary barcodes utilizing secure encryption of data
  • Software based systems (electronic pedigree) for tracking of shipped products and providing associated data
Technologies involved:
  • Imaging sensors, both linear and 2-D, operating in the Visible and IR spectrums
  • Original concepts, indirect illumination, luminescence, ultrasonic energy, eddy current, RF, etc.
  • Intelligent sensors
  1. Miniature color video monitors
  2. Security camera powered by a single cell
  3. Underwater video camera
  4. Small diameter video camera
  5. Metal halide light source for endoscopy
  6. Medical color CCD camera system endoscope adapter for PAL TV
  1. Fan timer module