About us

V. L. Engineering, Inc. is involved in design, development and manufacturing of products and systems based on electronics, microcomputers, and sensing technologies such as optics, imaging, biometrics, ultrasound, infrared and other. The primary applications include identification and authentication of articles, pharmaceuticals, documents of value, individuals, industrial quality control and process control, medical instrumentation and consumer products. We also provide services to the clients who wish to find new solutions related to the fields of our expertise.

Development of equipment and systems from concept to production typically progresses through the following phases: study of the problem at hand, brainstorming and conceiving a favorable solution, building a breadboard and honing out the best version of the solution, building preproduction prototypes, preparing engineering documentation, filing patent applications and launching production at the facilities of partnering contractors.

Staff of V.L. Engineering, Inc. consists of experienced engineers dedicated to providing excellent results and professional service.